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Self Defense Key Chain!!! The Sharp Shooter pulling a Car

Built to protect you



Be Ready at all times!!!

all 6 sharp shooters (4)Sharp Shooter Keychains (1)Titano

Sharp Shooter Keychains (2)all 6 sharp shooters (6)Sharp Shooter Keychains (4)

Prepare your home

1. Create a list of potential places to keep sharp shooter keychains  and phones to call 911 make sure to place them were you can get to them in a hurry.

2. Make a list of ways to escape your home if there is a intruder in it. Make sure your escape route has sharp shooter keychais and cell phones placed along that escape route

3. Purchase door and window alarms they are not expensive and this in most cases will prevent a intruder from entering your home.

4. If there is a intruder in your home get your sharp shooter and  Keep your sharp shooter keychain in your hand then pull it out to extended position, be ready to use it.

5. Practice your escape plan and make sure to watch the Instruction DVD that comes free with your Sharp Shooter Keychain.

Understand that you have the right to defend yourself and your primary goal is to escape the situation unharmed. You can order a Sharp Shooter Keychain from BUSHIDO PRODUCTIONS

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Self Defense KeyChains


Just watch and learn..
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Self Defense that packs a punch!!!

A Self Defense Device that comes with a Grand Master at your side !!!!

Fight Back fell the freedom !!!


1. What is the Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychain?
The patented Sharp Shooter keychain was invented by a martial arts weapons and pressure point expert Grand Master Moran. He new there was a need for a easy to carry self defense keychain that works better than pepper sprays and stun guns.
2. How do I use the Sharp Shooter keychain?
The Sharp Shooter keychain comes with a free DVD that is real easy to follow. Just watch the free DVD that comes with the device and you are ready to protect yourself anyplace  you go.
3. Is the Sharp Shooter keychain easy to carry?
Yes the Sharp Shooter keychain is small and fits easy right in your pocket. For our larger models like the Titano shooter we recommend the the keychain belt clip holster.
4. How effective is the Sharp Shooter keychain?
Simply said, most self defense keychains do not give you the option of switching from a close range device to a device you can use at a longer distance. This is the reason Master Moran invented and patented the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain a device that works great for up close attacks but with one quick snap of your wrist it become a long range device giving you the distance to protect you better from a knife or a club wielding attacker.
5. How strong is the Sharp Shooter Keychain?
The Sharp Shooter Keychain is battle ready made with heavy duty key rings, 550 test para cord, and wont break in the heat of a attack. Some devices are using cheap straps and crappy cheap key rings that break. Don’t trust these to save your life. The Sharp Shooter is made tough and with one quick snap of the wrist or pull of the cord lock  it transforms into a long range device so you can defend against a weapon such as a knife.The power to break coconuts and cinder blocks means it has the power to stop a attacker in his tracks. Get Yours Today! http://bushidoproductions.com/

Sharp Shooter Smashing Cement blocks


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Hello Sir,
After watching a few of your videos ,which are great by the way, I was quite amazed by your fighting style! I have been training in aikijitsu, judo and muay thai for the last 8 yrs, but a lot of the techniques you showed Ive never seen…? Could you please tell me the name of your MA style? Is it a chinese style? Please forgive my curiosity, and thank you for sharing your art.

Best Regards,

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2005, 3:59 PM

Master Moran,
I recieved your tape the other day(excellent). I was curious as to the connection of your zen-kenpo system to the nippa curriculum.And is it available per tapes as well?I had noticed a yellow belt tape on the list sent with my first tape.But not on the website.I look forward to future tapes.

Thank you,

Shihan Dale Coker

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005, 5:04 PM

Hello Master Moran,

Recently I had the pleasure of watching 12 of your training videos with a student of mine in Thailand, Michael Spain. I have been practicing for over 30 years, and I have not seen any system, that was so comprehensive and well taught as yours.

I am most impressed with the physiological knowledge that you so easily disseminate in your teaching. I want to come learn at the next seminar you have or do you have any classes that I can come up to your city and get some level of proficiency?

Dale Coker,
Japan Karate Institute Charleston, S.C

Date: Friday, May 18, 2007, 5:15 PM

Master Moran,
You have done it again. A great self-defense device, “The Key Chain”is so simple but so effective. All my students and clients are very impressed. This comes close to the great pressure point and self-defense courses you offer. You are truly a great asset to the Martial Arts.

Dr.Charles B. Reynolds N.D.

Kenpo Karate Black Belt

Date: Friday, December 2, 2005, 10:42 AM

Sir, My testimonial: 
(please keep in mind for legal reasons, that I am endorsing for myself, I cannot officially endorse it by the US Army)

I recently returned from a year tour in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division while there my job was as the Team Leader of a US Advisor Team to the Iraqi Army.

Although we had trained extensively in combatives, jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do , USMC Comabtives etc, once in country, we determined that in order to better protect ourselves, and innocent Iraqis that combatives training, or hand to hand combat was not a skill that we needed to let deteriorate. And that we needed something quick, effective, and devestating.

As we often tried to use less than lethal force whenever possible. I contacted master Moran in reference to his pressure point tapes and he generously donated an entire series and even went to the trouble and invested the effort to make a special tape for us that was geared towards us and our mission and took into consideration the equipment that we would be wearing. Once we got these tapes, we used available training time to learn these quick, easy techniques.

The ease at which we were able to learn these techniques is of great importance, because time was something we were always short of. And while we by no means can claim to be experts in master Morans system, we were able to quickly pick up some techniques that allowed us to be more secure on the battlefield. We effectively used his techniques in a variety of combat situations that allowed us to preserve ourselves. This is an excellent system that is a must for those serious about being a well rounded martial artist and warrior.

Captain Mark S. Leslie
US Army

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2005, 3:59 PM

Master Moran,
I recieved your tape the other day(excellent). I was curious as to the connection of your zen-kenpo system to the nippa curriculum.And is it available per tapes as well?I had noticed a yellow belt tape on the list sent with my first tape.But not on the website.I look forward to future tapes.

Thank you,

Dear Master Moran,
Your generosity is refreshing, and I thank you for it. I will be sure to promote the quality customer service you provide to your clients/students.

Thank you again,
David Marshall